Born to a traditional Gujarati family, cooking came easy to her. This affectionate ‘cat lover’ started cooking at the age of 12. Cooking delicious vegetarian recipes that were passed on from generations; acing the same recipes and methodologies through which her mother and all the ladies in her family cooked. In the course of time, however, she developed her own flair in cooking. Trying to make new recipes each day for her family. Even though some recipes were largely the same, she never missed adding her special ‘tadka’ in it.

She soon realised that in the fast-growing world with so much craze for different cuisines, the trick was always to balance. Her heartful cooking has never let her down. Having fun with veggies and ingredients allowed her creative wings to fly. And once she decided to hone her culinary skills, she has always got admiration for her cooking. Her passion for cooking bought her an identity of her own. Be it her family, friends, relatives, colleagues at her kids’ office, everyone has always kept asking for recipes.

So finally, here’s a website for everyone to sneak peek into the tasteful experience of her Food Kitty.