Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Time : 15 minutes | Serves : 2

Reading Time: < 1 minute


  • Macaroni : 3 cups
  • Cheddar Cheese : 1 cup
  • Processed Cheese : 1/2 cups
  • Thin Cream : 2/3 cup
  • Salt to taste



Macaroni and cheese also known as Mac n cheese is a loved dish amongst kids. It is a dish consisting of cooked macaroni pasta and cheese, most commonly Cheddar cheese.

Cook macaroni according to packet instructions, it will take 6-10 minutes. When al dente, drain macaroni and return to pot.

Add cheeses, cream or milk and salt to the macaroni and stir over a low heat until cheese has melted and the sauce has thickened. Serve hot or can be consumed in lunch box as well.


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